Jericho loves BillyBeez!!!!!

My day off today. Took Jericho to one of his favorite spots. BillyBeez in Oakridge Mall is a nice place to bring you child. The price is expensive in my opinion because you have to pay for two admissions. Some other amusements charge the child only. He loves playing at the basketball court area. I notice he is very intrigued by the sport. Hopefully he … Continue reading Jericho loves BillyBeez!!!!!

Jericho was due for another hair cut.

Jericho was way over due for a hair cut. He is usually very cooperative but today he wasn’t having it. Well at first it was hard to keep him still on the seat. But once I started clapping and giving him some motivational baby talk, he settled in. Giving a lollipop helps a lot also. It is always fun taking photos of Jericho. His cute … Continue reading Jericho was due for another hair cut.

Top Rank Clothing

I was blessed with a free shirt from TopRankClothing . Dondiesel408 just launched a BayArea clothing line . He is an ambitious local Artist who loves to make music . Be on a look out for this brand. Don has a passion and a drive that will take his brand far. Please support his movement!!! I remember when Don was planning and dreaming about having a clothing … Continue reading Top Rank Clothing

Jericho’s first time at Bounce-A-Rama

I usually take Jericho to his favorite park or to Chuck-E-Cheese so he can have fun. Today however I took him to Bounce-A-Rama at Greatmall for the first time. I thought he would love the jumpers, but he didn’t!!! Once I placed him in one of the many jumpers, he started whimpering and gave me that “I don’t like this situation” look.   Continue reading Jericho’s first time at Bounce-A-Rama