Top Rank Clothing

I was blessed with a free shirt from TopRankClothing . Dondiesel408 just launched a BayArea clothing line . He is an ambitious local Artist who loves to make music . Be on a look out for this brand. Don has a passion and a drive that will take his brand far. Please support his movement!!! I remember when Don was planning and dreaming about having a clothing line. Now he made it a reality.

We all start at the bottom, but we all want to achieve being at the TOP. This brand is about hustle, motivation and success. Keep up the great work DON!!!! I am blessed to have met you and also blessed that you have given me a chance to redeem myself.

Don’s IG :Instagram


IMG_9060IMG_9061IMG_9064IMG_9062IMG_9065IMG_9076IMG_9084IMG_9077IMG_9074IMG_9090IMG_9066IMG_9070IMG_9068IMG_9069IMG_9072Visit his Instagram: IG: Dondiesel408

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