DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #58. “It is what it is”.


This year started off rough. Details will be in a future blog. Some personal tribulations occurred and now I have to change my focus on other goals . My blog has to be on temporary hold because I have to re-analyze my goals and focus  with the situation I have put myself in. As of now, I am still in my construction program. I am graduating next month. I just obtained my hazwhop certification. I can now work for hazardous waste sites. I am praying for guidance with the next coming month. I am not sure where this will lead but I have to re focus and stay on track .

My past has caused a lot of hurt and heartache. Jericho found a photo of the maternity photoshoot his mom and I took. It’s pretty sad but it is what it is. All my choices led to the results today.  Her and I are coparenting and doing are best. I caused many pain and suffering.  Sometimes even to this day I cause some hardships. I just pray to God that he can guide me to focus and continue this battle. Temptation lingers all the time. And with my own thinking and own efforts I will lead to trouble. Help me Lord for I am weak.  I hope you all have an awesome month. My blog will bounce back , a minor set back occurred.  But a major come back is in the works.

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