Reflections Series #7: ” Focus Forward. There is a reason why the front windshield is way bigger than the rear view mirror”.


(photo taken a couple of years back)

I heard this quote many times. And this quote is a great analogy about life. “There is a reason why the front windshield is way bigger than the rear view mirror”. The past is done and we shouldn’t allow it to dictate the present. Sure we can look back and reflect. It helps me with my journey when I reflect on my past. I can remember the emotions and feelings behind bars and it makes me humble. Yesterday I had to clean up around Elmwood Correctional Facility with all my fellow program participants. I served 30 months at this jail facility. It was an interesting feeling to be free and around the very place that confined me from my freedom. I seen many inmates looking out of the fences. I know how it feels to look out of those fences and wishing to be at the other side. I remember telling myself , “One day I will be free again”. I understand how those inmates are feeling. It truly sucks. I really can’t imagine myself back in that place. I am determined to do what it takes to stay focused and free. I am focused facing at the windshield. The windshield symbolizes the big future ahead of me. The future is bright with many opportunities. Sure there will be some dirt hitting against the windshield, but like the windshield cleaner and wipers I will clean out the things that will blur my vision of having a successful future. Remember there are people who are going through many more hardships than you are right now. We really can’t complain. Well I can’t. I am truly grateful for grace. Thank you Lord for delivering me out of Elmwood. Thank you for humbling me and reminding me how it is to be behind bars. Looking back at the rearview mirror helps me stay focused. A lot of people are doubting me, but i stay focused on the windshield . No more turning back. It is time to shine and continue this battle. No more incarceration!!! If you know anyone incarcerated, write them a letter or send photos. Have some grace towards those people. We all make mistakes, but some people go through different consequences. Don’t judge anyone who has done jail time or has a record. Thank you for your support and interest in my BLOG. This month and year is coming to an end. Let us all finish strong. GOD BLESS.

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