DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #57: “A very Merry Christmas”.

My Holidays during the past five years were not so pleasant. I was either in jail, on the run because of a warrant or in my gambling addiction. I never enjoyed these precious moments. I finally did this year!! I was blessed to go with a special person to church, eat lunch at Gyu KaKu Japanese BBQ, enjoy some cuddle time and have a chill simple dinner at T4 Boba. I had a great time!!! I was at peace and enjoying every second of the day. Thank you so much for going to church with me and treating me out for lunch and dinner. I will definitely remember this Christmas. I hope everyone had a wonderful time! GOD BLESS you and your family.



When you deserve it. I shouldn’t be spending money like this, but I haven’t spoiled myself in a while. This is a fresh new start. This is just the beginning. This gift to myself means a lot. I am on the right track. No more crimes. Living life with my mighty God Yahweh!!!!!


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