Shout out to Brandon AKA “Spike”.


The other day I bumped into Brandon at Starbucks. I met this guy in jail and did a few months together in the same pod. He has a story. We were able to catch up. He is doing great! He has a job and has been sober for over a year!! His addiction was drugs, but now he is on the right path. He is focused and doing whatever it takes to keep his sobriety. I want to give you props brotha!! I remember all those times we talked and vented when we were doing our jail time. I was able to express my faults and what brought me into the mess that I was in. And you were able to open up to me . I am amazed and happy for your success. I personally know how hard it is to stay sober. My dad is a Meth addict and he is still losing that battle. I have seen it all and understand the power of that substance.  Continue striving Brandon!!! It is good to see you doing great.

By the way, he is the first Juggalo I have ever met.img_4134

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