DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #55: “Minor trails and issues”.

Past two days has been hectic. My car has been giving me issues. I was driving to Campbell to DoorDash and my car started to overheat. I had to call AAA to tow my car home. I replaced the thermostat and didn’t think there would be anymore issues. The following day while I was driving to school my car overheated again. A classmate of mine inspected the car and there was a problem with one of the hose. We fix that and another issue arises. The fan for the radiator isn’t running and the battery needs to be replaced. I really can’t complain because it is a 1993 Honda Civic. This car has done well for me while I Doordashed the past month.

I catch myself complaining about problems that arise. I stress myself out too much. Instead of focusing on the solution I dwell on the problem. I should be grateful that I am free and not behind bars. I should be thankful for not being on the run from the law. Right now I am focusing on the solution and hopefully get the car running soon. I am trying to get a new car but getting a cosigner is not easy. especially with my past. Trust issues. But hey, I will continue to pray and allow God to guide me and give me the strength to get through this minor trail. Thank you Lord for allowing me to catch myself and to lean on you. You provide peace and joy through any situation. This month is almost coming to an end. My goal is to finish with a great attitude and to finish strong. I need to stop controlling things out of my control. God is good. I hope everyone is striving. We are all in this battle. God bless!!



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