DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #53: “Finish the next two weeks strong!!!”.

This month is almost coming to an end. 2016 will be over soon. I have to finish this month strong. Eight months of 2016 I was behind bars. These past 4 months has been a progression of progress. I do have to be mindful everyday that I have to stay focused. Temptations and wrong thinking will arise. That is when my faith with Yahweh makes the difference. I can lean on my higher power for strength and guidance. When I feel lazy or not motivated, I think about Jericho and all the goals I have written down. I stay focused on the solution and what I can do to get closer to my goals and dreams. I am blessed. The next two weeks will go by quick. I will and have to make these next two weeks count. I can’t become comfortable. God is good. I hope you all strive to push strong these next two weeks. Finish this year with some success. We are all fighting this fight. Let us all strive for success. God bless!!



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