DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #52 : “I need to step it up”.

School was cool. We all finally got our tools. After school I had to attend my weekly Thursday class at the Re-Entry center. Deputies had to check us and remind us to stay humble and grateful. We all could be in jail right now, but we were given this blessing to be out early in a program. Sometimes the deputies come off blunt, but they just want to make sure we understand that we are still in custody but outside of jail. This just reminds me that I am blessed. After class I went to go visit Jericho and his mommy’s home. Had a great time with him. We wrestled and played some basketball. He is awesome. I am truly blessed. I do need to step it up though. I have a lot of goals but I am limited. As much as I want to provide more, I am limited. I have a curfew and under supervision. I have to follow the rules and regulations that is set upon me. But I am doing the most I can with this challenge. I am exited for the near future. Goals are set and I will make sure I accomplish them. Jericho is my drive. The weather was very rainy. I hope everyone has a safe drive back home or to work. Stay safe . Thank you for tuning in. God bless.




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