DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #51 : “We are all progressing. Everyone in this program will succeed. We got this!!”

It is Hump day!!! I decided to take random photos of my fellow classmates. We are all striving and doing our best in this program. Today we had our agility practice session. Everyone here is improving. Our times are getting faster and better. We have come a long ways!! Each and every one of us have something to prove. And finishing this class course will prove a lot to our love ones. Each person you see here have a story. We all have come from incarceration. Each person has a different past. But one common denominator we all have is redemption. We all might have made mistakes in the past, but we are bouncing back and doing whatever it takes. We like to joke around sometimes, but we give each other motivation. We push each other and talk smack to each other, so we can get motivated. We all have a desire to change and doing the things necessary to stay on track. I want to give a shout out to everyone in this construction program. We all deserve some acknowledgments and kudos. Thank you Mr. Miguel for teaching us and pushing us. We will all graduate this February and make our class known. Let us all continue to focus and stay on track. We deserve success. See you all tomorrow :)!!!


To view high quality photos of this post CLICK HERE



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