Reflection series # 5: “I didn’t allow my confinement in jail confine me from dreaming and goal setting”.


Being in jail is one thing, but making the most of your jail time behind bars is another thing. You hear a lot of complaining, regretting and reminiscing by many inmates. Sure I had moments when I would feel down, but I would bounce back and check my emotions. First things first, I put myself in this mess and I am taking full responsibility of the consequences and the process of it all. How can I complain if I didn’t learn the other times? It just shows how destructive and addicted I was to gambling. During my time in jail, I made the best of it. I had time to reflect and deal with me. I realize that this world is full of distractions and amusements that blind and misguide us from our true inner being and self. There were many times when I felt more peace and ease in jail. I was alone and had time to really analyze my life. The world is a fast pace world. We work, school and stay busy. A lot of times, we never have time for ourself. Even Jesus himself told his disciples to sit while he goes up to Gethsemane to pray. Matthew 26:36 :”Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray”. Being alone is healthy. During those moments I had the best time with God. I prayed, read his word and journaled. I did an inventory of my life and what I need to fix before I am back into society. I did a lot of spiritual and personal fixing. Because if I didn’t fix anything then nothing will change.

I am finally opening up the journal that I journaled with throughout my incarceration. I will express some of these personal daily journaling with you. It is amazing how I can go back and reflect on those moments. One thing that I journaled a lot about was goal setting and dreaming about the future. I knew I was going to be out one day. I didn’t exactly know my release date, but I had faith that I was going to be home sooner than what the D.A was trying to get me. I set a game plan and what I wanted my life to be. I was confined and limited physically, but my mind wasn’t confined. I wrote down goals that I wanted to achieve once I got out. One of the biggest goals was to never come back to jail, to be a responsible father for Jericho and to not abandon him again. I remember being excited and motivated while I was journaling my goals. I knew that my future was going to be bright because I was growing spiritually. My Lord YAHWEH was working and renewing me. I felt his presence and his existence. I had time to talk and pray to him. I wasn’t distracted by the world, but was focused on the word.

One of the biggest goal for me is purchasing my first home by August 3rd 2020!! I ripped out some newspaper advertisement and taped it in one of my journal entre. I wrote down some specific details of how this future house will be. I didn’t let the confinement stop me from dreaming and goal setting. This is powerful. My drive and motivation is pushing me. These goals that I wrote is keeping me accountable with all my actions that I am doing right now. I am making it a committment to accomplish this goal. I can’t wait for you guys to see a future blog post of this accomplish ment.

Don’t let your situation stop you from goal setting dreaming. You might be at a stand still, but don’t put your mind at a stand still. I could’ve complained my whole jail time, but I didn’t. I was focused on the future and I planned what I wanted my life to become. I was tired of the results so changing the game plan was the right way to start a new life. I was confined within concrete walls, but I didn’t allow those walls to confine my goals for the future. Keep dreaming and keep goal setting. I want to hear your success!! As I share mine with you. Let us all strive and excel. We all got the seed of greatness in us, let us not suppress the gift Yahweh instilled in us. I believe in you. Focus, focus, and focus. Seek a higher power greater than you. God will open doors for you!!! Expand your mind and seek eternity. God bless you all!!



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