DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #47: ” A day with the brother”.

My brother and I share the same room but we both have a busy schedule. Our whole week comprises of school and work, so we don’t spend a lot of quality time with each other. Today was an exception. We had to go to Oakridge mall to visit the Apple store for technical support. My Beats by Dre and his Macbook pro has some issues to be fixed. The good news is that Apple will replace me with a new one free and my brother’s laptop is getting fixed. All in all our day was busy, but productive.

My brother decided to purchase our mom her Christmas gift. I hope she doesn’t see this post, but my brother got her a Pandora charm for her bracelet. I myself bought her one and also Jericho. So now she has three charms. My brother bought her birthstone charm . I am sure she will be happy once she receives this gift.

Life is interesting. Issues arise randomly. When I finally get my finances somewhat on check, things come up. Tomorrow I will have to do an alignment and replace the two front tires. The car I am driving is a “bucket”, but it saves a lot of gas and I am grateful that I do have a car for transportation. A goal for next year is to get myself a reliable car. Maybe a SUV, truck or even a Jeep. We will see what God has in store for me. As long as I stay focused and consistent, then things will fall into place. I am blessed to have a camera and a laptop. I am getting progress and results. Everything is in motions because I am setting the motions. What stays at rest will always stay at rest. Thank you Lord for guiding me and favoring me. I am truly in awe with the miracles that you have placed and revealed in my life. In you mighty name Yahweh I pray. Amen.



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