DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #46: “Enjoying freedom with people who have been through the same struggles”.

It has been a great week for all of us that is in this construction course class.After class; Robbie, Nick, Kevin and I decided to go to Round 1 bowling at Eastridge . Man we had a fun time! I haven’t bowled in a while. I bowled a lot in high school. It was great to actually hang out with these guys. We have come a long ways!! It felt good to enjoy some quality time with each other. We all have come out of incarceration. We have this mutual bond because we understand each other and have been through similar  struggles. These guys here have a testimony and is striving for success. We are all doing it! This construction program that we are in is helping us and will lead us to opportunities. We are all thankful to be free and not be behind bars. We have all made mistakes but we are redeeming ourself. I believe that all of us will succeed. Our past and addiction will not take a hold of us anymore. We all had wonderful time. Maybe next time you guys will beat me. All three games were won by me :)!!

Thank you Kevin Gitmed for paying for food and “Starbucks” coffee:


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