DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #45: ” A MacBook Pro Day”.

School went well. Every Monday,Wednesday and Friday the class had to do a practice agility test course. The instructor Miguel is preparing us for the real time course test that we will happen next year. So far I am passing all test courses and have improved. The whole class is doing great and is determined. We had a guest speaker come in that represented a contractor company. He is recruiting for new workers. One thing that stood out from his speech was , “There is always hope and to never give up”. I am blessed to be in this Construction program. All the subjects/certificates that I will learn and obtain through this journey will help me with opportunities.


Speaking of opportunities, I finally got my own laptop. My sister decided to help me get the new 13in MacBook Pro. We worked out a plan where I pay her monthly .I am blessed she decided have to help me. Through my gambling addiction I have lost trust from her. My trust is slowing gaining back and I have proved some great results these past four months for her to do this favor for me. I want to thank my sister for giving me grace and this chance. My siblings are awesome. We all have our personal goals and dreams, but we try to help each other out as much as we can.  Thank you Yahweh for giving me this gift and allowing my sister to help me. I am highly favored and blessed. 2017 will be a great year for all of us!!! Lets all finish strong and end this year with motivation!!!




Shout out to all of you!!!

Thank you for the love and support!! I have been getting traffic on here and it is all because of you. Thank you for tuning in and viewing my blog. A lot of stuff is in store for us next year. I will have stickers, give aways and maybe a clothing line. I owe it all to you guys. Lets all strive and focus. We got this. God is good!!!! Keep motivating yourself and don’t allow your pass to dictate the present. Love you all!!



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