After school I met up with Jericho and Justine. We ate some lunch and spent time at Oakridge Mall. We are doing our best to be parents for Jericho. Our status isn’t a couple but parents. As you know from my last post, I am no longer door dashing because my background check cleared and they decided “in their best interest” that I should be let go. It is all good though! Many more opportunities are already opening and I am brainstorming ideas that are legit. I am excited for this new year. A lot of things are in store. Jericho and I will accomplish many goals.

Jericho and I decided to buy my mommy a gift. She deserves it. My mom loves being a grandma. She always helps out and loves to see Jericho as much as she can. I am grateful that my mommy loves him. Jericho decided to pick out the Mickey Mouse charm and I decided to pick out her favorite color charm , JADE. My mom recently bought a Pandora bracelet, but with no charms. Here you go mom!! Money is tight, but you deserve it. You never gave up on me and was there through the thick and thin. This is just the beginning. Once everything gets moving more, there will be more gifts for you. Thank you mom!! This is from Jericho and I:



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