Daily Journey Journal # 43: ” Obstacles come out of no where when things are going right. No more DoorDashing?”

I get an email yesterday from DoorDash saying that my account has been deactivated for further review. I was  bummed out  at first. But then I remember praying to God to open doors that need to be open and to close doors that need to be closed. It is interesting because I did bring up my past to Doordash and they hired me, but I guess after working three weeks they decided to do further review . I emailed back head quarters and expressed myself. I am now praying and hoping that this door will be open again. I was loving the fact that I could turn on the AP anytime and work. Especially with my circumstance and situation, it was a blessing. I asked God for understanding and peace through this outcome. We  will never know God’s purpose and plan, but we know it will be perfect. I can honestly say that I missed out on some Sunday church services because I wanted to make income with dashing. He is reminding me to put him first and he took away the very thing that I prioritized more. That is the beauty with my faith. I can understand and find revelation for any outcome of my life now. I just pray to Yahweh and he will guide me to the answer. I have more peace now. I enjoyed the three weeks with doordash. As of now I will enjoy the present and what I have. I will problem solve and find more opportunities. God will open the right doors for me.

Other than that, I have been doing great. School is flying by quick. I learned about concrete and cement. Now we are learning about Construction Fundamentals. This journey is amazing. I am excited to where this will lead. I graduate February and then work will be open.

My son and I see each other a lot. I help out the mother with her school and work schedule. We are doing our best to be parents for him.



Thriftng is always fun for me. I love finding random treasures that people donate.


Support my sisters clothing line :SHOP




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