This MRT class is awesome. I am in step two of this book and the work was enlightening. I had to draw out what the book asked me to. The life wheel assignment told me to draw what is my identity today . You will see from the photos that the center of the wheel are tools . My identity today is me building my life back. Getting the right tools to build a strong foundation and road. The number one tool is my Lord is Yahweh. Through his son Jesus Christ with the spirit. Without His love and mercy I wouldn’t be where I am. I always seek and ask guidance from His spirit. My personal thinking and actions only lead me to destruction. But because of His care I am redeemed and have this MIGHT in me that is powerful. I can’t explain it too well but if you only knew how I was before then you will see a miracle. I give you all the Glory Lord . This blog is for you. To show people my journey and how you have saved me. All these wonderful photos is to show your creation and kingdom. Without you I wouldn’t be able to do this. My life wouldn’t be this awesome if I didn’t have this relationship with you. I am a child of God!!!!

This journey isn’t easy but it is sure worth it. I reflect back on where I came from and what i have been through and I find myself comparing my life from before and now. This present moment outweighs my old ways of living. No turning back. The world behind me and the WORD of God in front of me. NO MORE COMPROMISING my freedom for gambling. Short cuts only leads to long cuts in jail. I am blessed and highly favored. Thank you Yahweh for reminding me that you redeemed me.

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