DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #40 : “New month, New results”!!!


Another month down and a new month ahead. I am going on my fourth month of being out of jail. These past couple of months has been flying by quick. I am being productive and focused. School has been awesome. I have obtained many certificates and have learned many new wisdom. Right now I am learning about concrete/cementing.I am truly thankful for being out of jail during the holidays. This month is going to be an awesome month. I journal daily, but today was an important journal entry. I wrote down some goals for December. Financial goals is one of the most important priority right now because I have make some purchases . I believe I will accomplish my goals despite the strict circumstances that I am in. I am focused and determined. One awesome opportunity that I was blessed with last month was Doordash. I am making extra income on the side. I have to work with my supervision and regulations, so this works well with my situation. I am truly blessed and grateful for freedom. I remember doing three out of the past 5 years behind bars. I can reflect on those emotions and that helps me stay humble and content. God is good!!!!!! I pray that we all have an awesome and abundant month. Thank you for all the support!!!  God bless you and your family!!!!



Free polaroid giveaway update:


If you don’t know, I will be giving away three polaroid cameras throughout this month. Follow my Instagram CLICK HERE because I will give clues and updates on when the polaroid will be available on the site. The process is simple. Keep tuning in with my Instagram/ and this blog. When I announce that it is available, go to http://www.urbanexchangestore.com . As of now, if you go onto the store site it says “coming soon”.But once I announce it whoever goes to the site first and gets it, will win the free giveaway . The time and day will be random. And that will be randomly said on my Instagram or this blog. So tune in and good luck. Within the next 48 hours, there will be a blessed winner.

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