DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #39: ” Our bond is Jericho”


Shout out to the mother of Jericho!

I have known this woman for about 3 years. Its pretty interesting how we met, but I will save that story for another post. At the moment we aren’t together as a couple, but we are here as parents for Jericho. I understand her completely on why she doesn’t want to have a relationship with me. A lot has happened during these past three years. I can not  express how much I have put her through. She has been through a lot because of my addiction to gambling. I am not proud of what I put her through. I betrayed her so many times and also lied to her many times. My addiction was so bad. She has been through a lot because of me.

I want to let you know that I am thankful that you are the mom of Jericho. Throughout all the dark moments that we have been through we still end up with this cute son. He is the light that out shines all the mess that I caused. I know the past comes up sometimes. My past sometimes brings up negative emotions and feelings to this day. But we manage to let it go and do our best to be parents for Jericho. No matter what the future holds, we will always have a bond because of Jericho. Thank you so much for putting up with me and also for putting up with my wrong actions in my past. I don’t deserve a son, but God has blessed us anyways. We have our own issues and personal problems that we have to deal with, but we work those differences out and find the solution. Thank you for slowly forgiving me from my past. I know my past comes up sometimes . Healing takes time, but you are giving me more grace now than before. I truly respect you, even though sometimes we like to argue on small issues. Jericho is bigger than our issues. Lol. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for doing your best and allowing me to be in his life. I am truly blessed and thankful. I will Love you know matter what.


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