Every Tuesday and Thursday the whole class and I attend this Moral Reconation Therapy CLASS. We have this book that we have to follow step by step. It is very helpful with leanring your past and changing your thinking and self. I had the chance to complete some steps while in jail but we had to start all over. Step one of the book has us drawing out this Pyramid of life . We draw out the what happened in our life during the past 20 years and also draw out what could have had happened . It helps you reflect on events in your life that affected the present and how it has affected  through out your life time. My friend here Matt drew a very artistic and detailed work of step one.He shared his story and what he has been through. The drawing will explain it all. Everyone in class shared .  It’s amazing how we all can be real and open up. This is a process to change. We trust each other and love on each other. This class is helping me find my inner essence and to help me understand how my thinking needs to change. Thank you Matt for sharing your step one. We all have a similar story. We failed but we won’t quit. We are on the road to redemption.

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