Finding PEACE when you think you are missing the piece.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I tend to stress myself out for nothing. I always find myself thinking that I am missing that piece to the puzzle. “If only I had this or If I only had that” or “If I did this or if I did that”. Many ifs and buts, but not many do’s and dont’s. I am learning more and more on finding peace. No matter what the situation may be I can be relaxed and calm. My goal is find peace in every situation. At least to think before I react. Usually I react without thinking. I have to breathe and analyze the situation before I react. Sometimes past hurts and hangups dictate my reaction. Or my own personal issues cause a conversation to become an argument. The missing piece to finding peace is to change my thinking and to seek peace from my higher power. Whatever your higher power may be, seek that higher wisdom.

I took this photo 2 months ago of a statue of Confusius. I don’t know much about this Chinese teacher, but I do know that peace was one of his teachings. Finding that peace will make my life easier. It is amazing how I found peace while being in custody. Even in jail I found peace. The situation or the circumstance shouldn’t define that peace, but how you control your emotions, belief system and thinking. If I can change my thinking, I can change my actions. And that was the missing piece all along. I need to seek the peace of my higher power YAHWEH. Continue to ask wisdom, guidance and peace from his Spirit and not to depend on my own personal efforts. I can truly say that when I am seeking the Word of God and praying/studying I find peace. Once I set my time away from Yahweh, I tend to be uneasy. I have to continue to fill the missing piece to my peace with God’s love and teachings.

Lord continue to remind me that true peace comes from you. That the missing piece that I am seeking is you. Not the world but the WORD. I tend to find myself in stressful situation when I am not seeking you. Continue to catch me when I fall and help to take this journey day by day. To live in the presence and the moment. To enjoy today and not dwell on the past or me anxious for tomorrow. I am truly blessed to have this relationship with you Lord. Thank you so much for getting me through everyday. This journey has been a battle, but with you I am fighting. I love you and praise Yahweh and lift up your son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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