REFLECTION SERIES #2: L.I.F.E “living in faith everyday”.



This certificate isn’t a college graduate diploma. Nor is it a certificate for a trade. This certificate might not mean much to many people but to me it does. This certificate is a testimony of how faith works. I remember in the beginning of this year when I was going through the motions with my case and going to court.  I knew I couldn’t fight my case. I was guilty. Too much evidence plus my prior convictions. There was no point of me fighting it and taking it to trail. The first offer the District Attorney recommended to the judge was 3 years with half with probation after. I kept pushing the court date to try to get a better deal but she wouldn’t budge. To make things harder she was the same DA that gave me 2 years with half for my last term. I knew she wasn’t going to give me any grace. She was seeking to get the most time out of me.  I kept pushing my public defender to get a better deal. The deal never changed so I decided to go to preliminary hearing. I took a risk even though there was enough evidence against me but I wanted to push for trail anyways. Of course after preliminary hearing the deal went up to 6 years with half. At that point I was hopeless. I asked God and prayed for understanding and guidance. Why did I take this gamble? Talk about gambling right ? Many thoughts and questions was running through my mind like a marathon. I should’ve took the first deal. Now I have to do 2 more years. What was I thinking? But I had faith. I kept praying and reading the Word of God . I journaled all my feelings and emotions to Yahweh. I knew that this was part of the plan. I kept seeking and asking. Before trial my public defender kept visiting me in jail to prepare for trail. She gave me some advice and told me that we had a chance to win but of course there is still evidence of guilt. I told her I’ll take the 6 years with half if I was eligible for Early Release program. Basically there is a program the state has for inmates to get released early if they are eligible. I wasn’t sure I would get approved but I had faith. She even told me that it’s not guaranteed. But I knew that my God will deliver me out of this mess. I took the deal and started going to rehab classes while in custody . I obtained many certificates that I brought to court. I didn’t just waste time in jail but seeked help. I was able to participate in many classes that helped me with my criminal thinking and with my addiction problem with gambling. I kept praying and praying. I had faith. My own family didn’t think I would be able to get out 20months early but I kept pushing forward. I wasn’t guaranteed to get out early. Why would the system let someone out who kept doing the same thing over and over again? I owe a lot of money and have many victims? Why would I get this chance? That’s where prayer comes to play. I prayed for favor and grace. I prayed for all the officials that were involved with this approval to have grace towards me. The process wasn’t easy but I knew that my God can do anything if I had faith. I spoke it to existence. Six months before August I wrote down in my journal that I will be out on CASU (California alternative supervision unit). It is a strick and structured program that will allow me to get out early than my original release date. I kept praying and telling myself this .  Even though it was a long shot .

GUESS WHAT? August 24 2016 was my early release. My original release date is June of 2018. By the grace of God I am able to do the remaining of my custody out free through programs. I could be in jail at the moment but Yahweh delivered me out . It took some work and time but it was well worth it. I am able to see my son and be involved in his life. I am in this Jobtrain construction program accumulating licenses and certificates that will help me land a job after this coming February graduation. I am attending meetings like Gamblers anonymous, MRT and criminal thinking class. I am abiding by all rules and regulations CASU has for me. This all couldn’t happen if I never had faith. Faith will move mountains. A mountain can be anything huge and heavy that is weighing you down. Mine was gambling and criminal thinking. Yahweh has redeemed and restored me.

Continue to have faith everyone. Whatever you are going through pray and seek understanding and revelation. Never give up and lose faith. Faith is real and I am a living testimony to Yahweh’s love and Mercy . Let’s continue to fight this fight and strive . Thanks for tuning in and being part of my journey. Love you all and God bless

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