This building here is filled with many people who have made mistakes and are fighting incarceration time .Many are fighting weeks, months, years or even life in prison.I have been behind those concrete walls. Looking out those windows and feeling hopeless . I gave many months of my freedom to the system. My addiction to gambling was the root cause to all those time behind bars. I couldn’t blame the consequences but blame myself. I continue to remind myself how thankful and grateful I am to be free. I never understood how precious freedom was till I got those silver bracelets locked on my wrist. A lot of people have freedom but don’t feel free. I look around everyday and see people stuck and behind thier own personal prison. Ego, pride, addiction or whatever it may be is holding them back. I am grateful that I went through those experiences. People tend to feel bad or look at me like I can’t buy back those lost time but when I got out of jail I still see the same people with the same results. Nothing changed. I would have thought that mentally or financially people would be way ahead. But that shows that there are personal prisons that people are locked in. I thank God that he brought me through all those times behind bars. I was at my lowest and I was empty. Those times were the times God was able to fill me up. Those were the times I was seeking him and leaning on him. Now that I am physically free I catch myself forgetting about Yahweh’s grace and deliverance. It is easier to seek God when we need him. I continue to pray for his mercy and forgiveness.

LORD thank you for reminding me of your wonderful work that you have done through those dim moments. I don’t deserve redemption but you provided that way . Help me and continue to remind me that you are always involved in every step of this journey. Thank you for delivering me out those physical bars. Continue to help me be free from my inner personal prison. Guide me with your spirit. In your mighty name Yahweh I pray . Amen.







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