DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #32 : Love is GOD and God is love.


God is love and love is God.

Another Friday. This whole week has been awesome. Of course it wasn’t all jolly and joyful but I managed to catch myself in those moments when I wanted to react. I am thankful that my God Yahweh loves me no matter what I have done or will do. I am reminded that He is in control. We all have a plan and purpose . I used to try to make things go my way. Well that didn’t work so well. Lol. We all have this awesome God who will fill your void. I go to him everyday and ask for peace, joy, and contentment. He can’t be put in a box. He is everywhere and everything. The universe was created by God. So go to him and pray. Just like a sick person who goes to the doctor  or a basketball player asking the coach for help. Go directly to the creator and ask for His love. His love is amazing . Once you grasp the love of God you will find and realize that you have been getting blessed all along. I tend to think that a extravagant event will show His love. But even a simple chair you are sitting on is His love. He created everything !! That’s love right there .

I hope everyone tuning into my journey blog has an awesome weekend. Let’s continue to fight this battle . Let’s overcome our personal prison. Seek and pray to the creator. His love is unconditional. God Bless.


One thought on “DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #32 : Love is GOD and God is love.

  1. James if people take the time to read and internalize your insight that you have about life in general, i believe that just they will a different perspective not just for you but maybe even on life in general! Thanks… Now time to read then talk to Jehovah


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