Life everyday consist of school and Jericho. I catch myself a lot when I think about rushing my life. I used to have this mentality of NOW NOW NOW. I have to be patient and everything will fall into place. Although I may not be making money at the moment, I am doing things that will lead to that goal. I used to make money fast, quick and wrong. I am getting back on the right track and this construction JobTrain course is an opportunity that will pay off in the long run. Thank you Lord for guiding me. Help me stay content and joyful . I have everything that I need now that will lead me to success. Help me stay focused, mindful and aware. Guide me with your SPIRIT, not my own. My own thinking got me into a mess. Continue to renew my heart and mind with your WORD and Wisdom. I am highly favored and blessed. In your might name YAHWEH through your son Jesus Christ, guided by the Spirit I pray. AMEN.



To all that view my blog, I am grateful and thankful !! I hope you all have peace, love and focus in your life. God is good!!! Lets all strive by strides. Patience Patience Patience.





Shout out to Evelyn, Izzy and Anthony:


We all got our overalls and boots today. Tools will be handed out this week. I am excited because we all are progressing in this JobTrain construction course. We just completed another subject, meaning more licenses obtained!!! I am enjoying this journey and we are all dedicated to complete and succeed!!!


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