Congrats to David Cole for sobriety!!


I wanted to congratulate Mr. David Cole for staying sober for 4 years. I met him in the PHASE 2 re-entry program, which we both completed. His sponsor in Narcotics Anonymous gave him a medallion for his success. For a fact, it is hard to quit drugs and alcohol. My dad had and is still addicted to METH. After me doing many months of incarceration, I realize how hard this addiciton is. I seen so many people come in and out of jail because of drug addiction. This gave me a softer heart to have grace towards this addiction. Before this experience, I didn’t understand how addicting drugs were. I was judgemental towards people with this addiction and didn’t understand why it is hard for people to overcome this deadly vice. Now that I have been through my own addiction to gambling, I can relate and be more loving towards people in this situation. I just pray that God gives everyone who is going through this destrutive habit the strength and might to overcome it. I know so many peope right now that have overcame addiction and doing everything to stay on the right track. All my classmates in this construciton program has their own story, but all are similiar. If you know anyone who is in an addiction, please have some grace towards them. Pray for them and allow them to learn. It took me 30 months of incarceration to learn. People will go through their own bottom. Some bottom is deeper than other bottoms. But we need to give some guidance and support. Addiction is hard to overcome alone. So be there for that person as much as you can, and allow your love to help them change. A person is ready to change if that person is ready and willing to change.  I hope you continue your success David Cole!!!!!


Congrats Mr. David Cole!!!!


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