Reflections series will start this week.

I am starting another series called REFLECTIONS with my DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL entries. I will post one once a week. These post will be about my experience behind bars and my journey through those difficult times. I catch my self reflecting on those feelings and memories that I have been through  to help me stay focused and to remind myself of where I came from. These post will be from the heart and expressed to give people hope and to help people who knows people with gambling addiction and any addiction. I have been through the incarceration system for 30months total during these past 5 years. The addiction to gambling and the lifestyle of it caused me to compromise my morals and values. Which led me to jail . I hope I can inspire people and this will also help me with my walk to redemption. I hope you stay tuned with these post as I will make a commitment to update once a week.

Thank you for your support. Please contact me via the contact section on this blog if you have any questions regarding my past and I will surely answer.

God bless.

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