DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #26: An unexpected outcome of the ELECTION.

The outcome of this Presidential election was really surprising. In the end of the day we really don’t have control of who really wins. We all need to focus on our family and ourself.  I used to focus on the whole but now its about the household. Trying to get my life back together, why focus on things outside of my control? Other than that, congrats Mr. Trump. I read a lot of your business books and am inspired by some of your wisdom. Although I wasn’t in your favor, God has a plan and purpose for all this. May Yahweh guide this country and bring us back to the mighty country we were before. Use Mr. Trump as a vessel to do your purpose. Lets all pray for him. That is all we can do.



Out of all the proposition in the ballot I am happy to know that PROP 57 passed. We spend too much money putting people behind bars who have an addiction. The solution is to bring people who have an addiction to a rehabilitation program. We spend lest money as a whole and give people a chance to redeem their life from mistakes. Yeah there are other crimes really severe and do need some justice, but from my own personal experience of being in the system I know how tough addiction in. I personally had a gambling addiction and I was running a muck. I am blessed to be granted this CASU program that I am in right now. It gives offenders who have non-serious crimes a chance to get their life back together through schooling and programs. I am in a strict program and also in school because of CASU( California Alternative Supervision Unit) The state and federal knows that this is a better solution. Thank you all who voted on this. There are many people behind bars who need rehabilitation .




Jericho’s hair cut experience:img_2464img_2466img_2471img_2485img_2490img_2492img_2514img_2530

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