Daily Journey Journal #17(pt 2): Koi fish everywhere.

Went to a local Japanese park to take some photos. It has been over 6 years since I have been here. I remember taking prom and maternity photo shoots here. The scenery is awesome and the Koi fishes are amazing. I managed to take some nice photos and practiced shooting different composition with the red bridge. God’s creation is everywhere. I am always intrigued by all the beauty that we have around us. Take a look and you will find HIS perfect work.




This red bridge helped me be creative and test some of my composition creativity.img_1960img_1961img_1962img_1963img_1964img_1965img_1966img_1968img_1973img_1975img_1977

6 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #17(pt 2): Koi fish everywhere.

  1. Nice Photographs you have here; I really like the ones with the red bridge & the shoe. I did not know it when I saw it but the Phoenix Zoo had some Koi fishes I believe at the entrance/exist of the zoo and I remember taking some pictures but I eventually deleted them. I wish I would have kept at least one of them ;p.

    ~ Bre


      1. If I may ask, what for ? I have made it publicly available on my blog but I am just wondering ~
        ~ Bre


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