DAILY JOURNAL 16(pt2): A gift from a great friend.

Special shout out to a great friend of mine:

Valentin Catuiza Celestino Jr. aka “KOALA”.

After church service and hanging out with my brother I contacted this guy here to go hang out. It has been over 2 years since I seen this guy. It is amazing how God works. We met in the most unusual way. We were both in a gated community with free water, food and shelter called “ELMWOOD”. LOL, we both joke about this. We both did about four months together in the same barracks. This was back in 2013-2014 when I had to do my 2nd jail term of a whole 365 days because I still didn’t learn. We both have a similar story. We both went to try to make money the quick and fast way. Of course there were risk and consequences to it and that’s how we met. He is an awesome guy. We both exercised, ate together, and even went to church service in jail. I can recall all those time when we both would have deep talks about life, family and anything meaningful. He knows my story as I know his. This guy here sure gets a long with anyone he meets and also has a genuine heart. Oh, and he is a go getter and doesn’t take excuses as an answer to his problems.

He bought my son this awesome light item while we were at EASTRIDGE MALL. Shout out to both the owners who helped us purchase them. Check them out, they are located by Forever 21. Great couple who will provide great service and an awesome product.

I decided to give koala the opportunity to be my son’s God Father. Jericho is blessed and I know that you will be an awesome role model and motivator for him. Thank you Lord for helping me meet people like koala. We both met at a place not a lot of people go to, but you have a perfect plan and purpose all the time. Our past might not look bright, but our future looks brighter. Thank you Koala for our friendship. I truly cherish all our time that we had behind bars but even more so now out here free eating candy bars :).


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