Daily Journey Journal #15 : A rainy OSHA 30 day.

Finally Friday. Second week done with this construction journey. Passed my OSHA 30 test today. Two certificates completed so far : OSHA 10 and 30. I learned so much about the rules and regulations that this federal organization has implemented for the sake of the workers here in the USA. I am enjoying all the new knowledge. This 4 months will go by quick and will be worth while.


I took photos of the rainy weather in the morning. A lot of long exposure photos  and also the environment. The wet floor causes a different effect, which is beautiful. I enjoyed taking photos and did my best with what I have. After class I headed to Starbucks and relaxed for a little. Then headed to Chuck E Cheese to meet Jericho and Justine. I haven’t been there for many years, I remember when I was young and my parents would take me there. I would be so excited and always tried to get as many tickets to receive a prize. Jericho was overwhelmed at first because there was so much options for him. Plus he is still young and small for most of the games. It is cute to see him analyze his surroundings and get comfortable. After 15 minutes he started running around and trying the mini rides.  I am enjoying every moment with Jericho. Thank you Lord.








(all photos in Chuck E Cheese were in low light so I had to use ISO from 2000 to even 6400. Learning to respect my camera’s features and even trust my instinct)

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