Daily Journey Journal #14: Gorgeous


Today was a busy day. Construction school then had to go to another class after. Overall, really didn’t shoot much because of the rain and circumstances. But I tested the camera’s ISO while I was driving taking photos. Photos came out great despite the settings I chose.


Meet Kevin Gitmed:

This guy here is something else! HAHA I’m jk. He is a chill guy who is just tired of his old ways. He is doing everything necessary to build his life back due to past jail and prison terms. He had an addiction to drugs but has been clean and sober for many months. Much props to him and kudos. He and I have a similar story. We both compromised our values and morals due to an addiction. We disobeyed the law and did the time for it. Now we are blessed to be in this program that will help us become law-abiding citizens. We will get through this next 4 months Kevin!!!

He gave me permission to take photos of this dope art he has. I am sure he uses it for his advantage when it comes to woman. He told me the story behind it and it made me laugh.


Random photos throughout the day:


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