Daily Journey Journal #13: Addicted with talent.

Talent with an Addiction:



Addiction is real. My whole life I had to deal with a father who was and still addicted to METH. He would have a couple years clean and sober and fall back. My mom held as long as she could to avoid divorce, but unfortunately it led to it. I never understood addiction till I became addicted to Gambling. I was so addicted to gambling that I compromised my morals and values. My life during these past 5 years was 30months behind bars. In and out multiple times in jail. I became addicted to the fast life and fast cash lifestyle. But thats when God works. He made me empty to fill me up again. Doing time in jail helped me become more understanding to addiction and also my dad’s addiction. I became more graceful towards him and compassionate. I recall times before when I would yell at him and tell him to change, even being aggressive because I was becoming frustrated of his absence in my life. Although he is still in his addiction to this day, I am more loving and accepting towards him.

This is my journey to redemption. I have been redeemed by YAHWEH.My goal is to share my story, testimony and God’s creation through this blog and my photography. If you know anyone who is addicted to any type of addiction I understand. Pray for that person and let God do the work. I had to learn and do some jail time. Getting on my knees at night and praying to Yahweh. It took these tough moments to make me the man I am today. It is a struggle, but this fight is worth the fight.




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