Daily Journey Journal #11

First day of the week. It is always great to start off the week strong, but most importantly start your day with the Word of God. My typical morning routine. Pray, read the Word then Journal.

Yahweh works in mysterious ways:

I was blessed by God this morning. Shawn De Vera randomly sent me $25.00. He is an awesome brother in Christ and believe me, he is driven with the spirit. In my addiction to gambling, I actually took advantage of his kindness. I put him through a lot financially, but he managed to forgive me because of YAHWEH. I am grateful that I serve a God who works to help people forgive. He doesn’t have to talk to me today nor even have a friendship with me. But the love of our God is bigger then the mistakes. We both learned and God has taken over this situation. I am blessed to have an awesome friend who doesn’t judge me from my past. He gives all the GLORY to God. Thank you Shawn for blessing me, I know you always tell me to thank God, but I want to thank you also.

I had an awesome day during school. Learning about OSHA 30 this week, last week I got certified for OSHA 10. This journey is awesome, learning new things everyday. Shout out to all my classmates in this program, we got this!! After school I headed to the park to meet Jericho my son and the mother. I had a chance to take a lot of candid photos of him (photos of it in my previous posts). He is so innocent and he loves to explore. I get humbled all the time when I hang out with him. Thank you Lord for blessing me.

LETS ALL HAVE A BLESS AND ABUNDANT WEEK. Thanks for supporting me . God bless.



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