More of Egypt

Acts 7:22 – “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.”



When I was in middle school I was so intrigued by Ancient Egypt. I had to learn about Ancient Egypt’s civilization during my history class and from day one during this season I was interested. I was amazed by their way of living and their teachings. The pyramids really caught my eyes. I remember doing all the projects and I was always putting all my effort in them. We had to build a mini version of a pyramid and I recall making one out of legos then gluing sand all over it. I even had a book shelf in my room full of Egyptian books and replicas of artifacts. Its been 10 years since I got back into the study of Ancient Egypt.

I have been reading the Word of God a lot and I notice how Egypt played a huge role. I read and read more, and found out so much about Egypt. How many prophets and even Jesus went to Egypt. For what?? Thats what my search is for. To seek truth and know history. Enjoy my journey and thank you for supporting my blog. God Bless.:



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