Ancient Egyptian experience.

Acts 7:22 – “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.”

I had a great time at the Egyptian Museum. Here are a few photos that I took. Will add another post with most of it. I really didn’t have time to study and read the description of each artifacts because I had only a hour to run around and take photos. The environment is indoor low light with different lighting situations throughout the museum. I had to manually adjust throughout this session, which helped me learn more about my camera and also on photography. I hope you enjoy this post!!! I will have more photos this week in a different post.





Special shoutout to these ladies:


I met these two ladies while I was in the Museum taking photos. I thought they were sisters, but they are actually a Mother and Daughter relationship. I asked whats the secret to all this and they told me that they have been Vegetarian their whole life. That speaks volume to health and wellness. I had an awesome time talking to them. They said that I reminded them of a family member and I look like him. We had a great time talking, although it was short due to the fact we had a time constraint. But hey, its awesome to meet people and talk about life. They were open to talk and thats where it all starts. It was a pleasure meeting you two!!(thanks for the text also).

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