DAILY JOURNEY JOURNAL #8: Passed my OSHA 10 test.

It is Finally FRIDAY!!!. This week went well, I passed my OSHA 10 license today. I will obtain more than 7 certificates through this 4 month construction course. After class, I went to explore and had a chance to take some awesome photos of EGYPTIAN artifacts(check the post after this entry to view photos).This journey is awesome. Remember to enjoy the journey and not only the destination. To focus on the presence and the moment. And thats what photography does to me. I focus on the moment during that click and capture what is in the present. This is my passion and my meditation.

Thank  you for supporting and checking my blog out. God Bless


Shout out to my friend Ramon Brown:

It has been a blessing to meet Ramon. We met in a unique place, Jail. Out of all places right??? We both come from a similar past. We lived that Fast cash and Fast lifestyle. Unfortunately we both let the “LOVE” of money take over and made some mistakes. But we paid the price and accepted the consequences. I recall all our talks while we were in the barracks doing our term and it still replays in my mind. We are both on this road to redemption and we are doing things right. Focused and Determined. Its awesome to meet people who have similar stories and can actually relate and understand you. This guy here always gives me great insights.


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