Daily Journey Journal #7

Construction class was pretty random. This week we are learning about OSHA. How it is important to know your rights and safety. We weren’t expected to do some hands on practice  today. We practiced the timed course we have to do in the future in order to get our license. I passed both trails, but I am determined to get better. It was our first time doing the courses which will only get better every time. The day ended GREAT when my Uncle Rodel came by the house . Its been over 2 years since I have seen him. This guy here is like my second dad. He raised me some some ways. I used to work with him doing home remodeling . I remember many memories and one thing is he is a hard worker who is always determined to get the job done with great results. He taught me about work ethic and to follow your dreams. Once he came to U.S.A he began working and saving. I owe a lot to him and I appreciate him so much.




My brother, sister, uncle and I:


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