Daily Journey Journal 3. ENNEAGRAM WORKSHOP

Today marks a step to this journey with EPP: ENNEAGRAMPRISONPROJECT. I was blessed to be accepted in the AMBASSADOR program. I met Susan Olesek and Suzanne Dion in Elmwood Correctional Facility while doing the RCP program. At first I was skeptical because I have done a lot of other program involving personal growth and of course the STAR looking diagram threw me off a little 🙂 . But after allowing my heart to be open to the wisdom and being “above the line”, my transformation began. The thing that caught my attention was their sense of care and sincerity to help the people in this incarceration system. I sensed their positive energy and my spirit was moved.

Once I was given the material I read it daily and was soaking in the knowledge like a sponge. In the barracks I was reading and learning about my type. I found out I am a type 3, not 7. Every sentence describing   the  type 3 was me!! It gave me a self-reflection of my true inner essence and how my EGO and personality has affected my choices and my incarceration. The book taught me about the different levels that I was facing and how I can gauge myself on where I was at. That way  I can be aware and make the right decisions. The number one thing I love about this is leaning to  BE IN THE PRESENCE and in the MOMENT. I would always live in the past and be anxious for tomorrow. I never felt so alive then now. Enneagram has helped me dig deep to the unseen of my life ,my hidden emotions and examine to my childhood. I never understood how my upbringing affected my future. ” You reap what you sow”. Basically I was planting a lot of bad seeds already and my life was being watered by unhealthy water. And now the harvest was bad fruits. Now I have this tool which is reviving my life back to my true self.

“We are all in a prison of our own making, in the way
that we suffer our personalities.”- Susan Olesek

I love this quote of Susan. We are all in a prison. Jail is the physical aspect, but we all suffer from our personality and ego prison. To learn more please visit : enneagramprisonproject.org

Today I attended an ENNEAGRAM workshop held by Elizabeth Blackford and Judy Cardoza (explorationsofenneagram.com), partnered with EPP. I learned so much about the different levels that we face and how to find out where you are in these 9 levels and it describes each level which will help you know which level you are at and will help you react healthier and also keep you from going deeper down the spiral. The goal is to be at the level 1-3, 4 being the average level you want to be in. We did a lot of meditating and engaging with other fellow students.I am learning slowly but surely. Thank you EPP for giving me this opportunity to be part of the AMBASSADOR program.


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